We all love eating pizzas. But since we all are at home in this #lockdown, buying pizza bread has become challenging due to availability and also why should we move out, if the same can be made at home.
This bread is made without using baking soda/powder or yeast.

So I decided to make pizza base at home with the following:

(If u want to make 4-5 pizza breads)
2 cups wheat flour
2 cups maida (white flour/all purpose flour)
1 cup curd
4 teaspoon crushed sugar
2 teaspoon salt
Eno 1 sachet

Put all ingredients one by one in a big bowl to knead the dough. Mix Maida, wheat flour, curd, salt, sugar along with 4-5 spoons of oil with water to make a soft dough. Knead till the dough becomes very soft. Oil it 2 – 3 times to get the silky texture. You can also use olive oil.

Keep aside for 20 min
Again knead the dough with oil then make 4 – 5 portions and give it a round shape. This portion is for medium thin pizza. If you wish to make thick base make big size portions accordingly.

Sprinkle little Rava (semonlina) and flour on the Roti stand/rolling board. (This will make the base a little crispy)
Pat the dough portion with hand on the roti stand/rolling stand and then give it a round shape depending on the thickness you want and make a flat base. Press on the edges on sides to give it a consistent round shape.(you can use belan/rolling pin)
Pork with a fork in a straight line.

And then place on dosa tawa. Do not flip the base, instead cover with lid to make it fluffy and when slightly roasted from base remove it. Allow it to cool.

Start making pizza by spreading pizza base and toppings along with butter, cheese & oregano.

You can roast it on the pan or if you making it in microwave, first pre-heat and then make it on a low rack.

Your pizza is ready!

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