With the #lockdown we all have been in a dilemma as how to pass our time and especially keeping kids engaged. Our routine starts with house work and ends with it along with official assignments & other activities.

But kids are the most affected as their life has come to a standstill where they are confined within four walls. These birds need free space and come with so much unlimited energy.
So how can we utilize their never ending charged spirit?

Listing some simple ways with minimum resources to keep kids engaged:-

1. With our entire schedule going haywire, our eating & sleeping patterns have too changed. It’s difficult to keep a routine but not impossible. Try making kids sleep early and let them not watch late night movies. This can be done in afternoon. As late night TV or internet browsing will definitely lead to a lazy start next morning and the entire day will go in crankiness especially for primary kids, as they still don’t realize the importance of ‘early to bed and early to rise’.

2. As many schools have started online sessions, atleast 2 -3 hours children are occupied and may be more for the ones who are in higher standards. Let them learn the concepts on their own. Let them practice the same next day before they start fresh for a new chapter.

2. Once they are done with studies, let them play for some time.
If you are not working from home or even if you are; remove an hour or so and indulge in various games with the kids like chess, carom, scrabble, sequence, monopoly, UNO or even name, place, animal thing; antakshri, dumb charades, pillow fights, many more.

Playing, with ball, home badminton, hide & seek are some of the outdoor games we have started playing indoors

3. Children get more engaged for longer hour’s when they do drawing, painting or art & craft.

Some of the options for simple art & craft are –
– Making shapes with clay dough
– Making envelopes which can be used later
– Making birthday cards to be used later
– Make storage box from waste box for accessories or stationary
– Decorate bottles and make a flower vase or pen stand
All these can be done with available items at home.
– There are many beautiful portraits of landscapes on internet. Children can draw & paint the same. Let them add a creative twist of their own.
To enhance their creativity give them a scenario to imagine.
For kindergarten kids best is to make them draw & color alphabets from A to Z with respective objects.

4. Play treasure hunt. This will help in building their analytical skills. While they are asleep hide their favorite small toy and leave clues around.

5. It’s more fun and work gets simplified when family performs household chores together. Involve kid’s in house duties like sorting veggies, arranging utensils, folding clothes or even organizing their own cupboard. It will add a sense of responsibility in them.

You can also involve them in cooking that’s safe for them like making rotis( they can give shape and you can cook it), baking cake, dry snacks like bhel & chat items, etc.
6. Watch some good movies meant for kids.

7. Groove on the latest songs. Learn from them or teach them new steps. Let the entire family dance and it’s the best way to workout. Sing favorite songs. If you have mike at home, keep a karaoke sessions in the evening.

8. If you are an early morning riser, exercise & mediate together. Same can be done in evening too. Chant soothing mantras to relax mind body & soul.

9. Make them read story books and let them in-act or repeat the story in their own style. This will boost their thinking & communication ability.

10.. End your day with discussion on some good topic based on politics, geography, history or even health & fitness. Read a good book before sleeping to get a good night sleep. Seal the day with a kiss and lots of hugs.

Introduce a new game/activity each day. Make it a habit to play with kids. Even when we get back to our normal life let us practice this family time every weekend.

Tell kids that this #lockdown phase is temporary though we don’t know how long will it last! But whatever occurs doesn’t stay forever. Even this time shall pass and we will conquer this like our brave soldiers with pride. We have to follow all instructions led by the authorities.

Keep reminding them and everyone to wash & sanitize their hands regularly. Bathe with warm water and put clothes for washing every day. Eat healthy and freshly cooked food. Don’t venture out.
#stayhome #staysafe

If you have any suggestions on how to keep kids busy, do mention in comments.

P.C: verywellfamily.com

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