Things that have conceded cannot be changed but the future lies in our hands. No matter what destiny has in store for us, we will face it with grit and determination.

Dear Older Self,

Though I know you will never think yourself as old, you will always be young at heart, bubbly by nature and super active for your own well-being & kids. But there are still certain things I would like to bring to your notice which can be taken care of when you climb up the age ladder.

1. Wrinkles are just superficial. The real young human lies in your soul. Don’t miss the young soft skin without blemishes which you had in youth days. It doesn’t matter! What is important is your attitude towards life. That doesn’t mean you stop going to the salon.

Be regular in pampering yourself. Get yourself a facial and feel rejuvenated. Brighten those nails and feel happy whenever you look at them. Get your hair coloured too. If you are confident in your whites please go ahead and maintain those silver linings which shall shine bright in the morning sun and take away all your worries.
2. You were beautiful and will always be. Charm yourself and people around with your spark & smile. There are still more few teeth remaining. Don’t worry! Technology has advanced and you can still get an amazing set for yourself better than the previous one. Remember smile wipes out those fine lines and makes one live longer. Just laugh your heart out at every given situation. It will make life easier.
3. Dress up well. Let the growing age not defeat you. Dress classy rather than chic. Be dignified, matured and elegant in your couture. Remember you are not too young neither too old. Balancing is the key.
4. Eat healthy. Don’t starve with the fear of imbalanced cholesterol or weight increase. If you are eating right from young age, accepting all foods will never be a problem. Plan a food chart for yourself. Eat lots of fruit and drink milk to maintain strong bones. Exercise and walk till you can stand on your feet. Practice yoga or whichever physical activity suits your body.
Consult your physician for advice.
Don’t munch on too many medicines. Do housework too. Old age can’t stop you from cleaning or cooking. Limit yourself to few activities but don’t become a couch potato. Remember your kids still need you and may be your grandchildren too. Be fit so that you can play and run around with them.
5. Stop getting hyper and pressing the panic button. Kids have grown up and they can take major decisions of their life. Be a guide to them not their decision maker. Everyone loves to be independent.
6. Stop worrying about how old age will pass. It shall pass away positively. Be optimistic. Make new friends and be in touch with old ones. Go for parties plan get-togethers. If you want to walk on the spiritual path don’t hesitate. Choose what makes you happy. Go for coffee dates with your hubby. Rekindle the romance. Love doesn’t see your age. Go for vacations. Plan a world trip and live your grey days beautifully.
I know it all sounds exciting and challenging. But you always have faced life with a strong head and will. If you start planning now it will turnout to be exactly the way you want it to be. If you are convinced make sure you provide support & care to your old friends & family and make them confident enough to face old age quandaries.
Your Well Wisher,
Inner mind

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16 thoughts on “Letter to my older self”

  1. You have so rightly put every aspect of ageing. Every phase of life would something beautiful to cherish. Live life in the moment !! Beautiful post Latika. I am glad you joined our blog train. Keep writing!!

  2. Really grounded and REAL Latika. I think once we are old we tend to let go of simple things like dressing up, grooming and health is a constant concern. I do hope I myself remember to take time out for myself and pamper me even when I am an old lady.

    Thanks for joining in on our #WomensDayBlogParty

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