Who thought that till we reach 20th century conceiving naturally for women would become so difficult? Our ancestors our grandparents had 5 to 10 kids. That also with a very less age gap!
Then why is our generation facing issues. In both my pregnancies I realized that STRESS was the major cause. I couldn’t conceive for the first time due to stress and second I conceived without any planning as I was at mental peace. 2 contrary situations isn’t it?

There have been a lot of treatments with which one can conceive, but that too involves lot of pain and is also heavy on your pocket.

Taking medications & going for pregnancy related test & treatments can be very stressful for the couple & family members. Every month there is a new hope and sometimes it comes with disappointments.

Even though you are taking treatments to conceive, one has to prepare their mind, body and change their lifestyle. Few things which I decided to do with the suggestions of my gynecologist, experience and readings was:-

1. Free your mind from unnecessary negative thoughts and excessive emotional baggage. If you keep on thinking about the past and start carrying it in future things will never get normal for you. One undergoes lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy. And if you are on medications then it won’t show any positive effect on your body. Avoid negative people for some time. Don’t get involved in gossips and talks that are sad or unhealthy for mind.

2. Learn to say NO. If you are not supposed to do certain things like lifting weights, cleaning, bending or travelling, make it clear with family members & take their help?

3. To have peace of mind avoid getting into any kind of arguments. Best is to ignore.

4. The best way to get relieved from STRESS is to meditate. You can do this anytime of the day. Simple OM chanting 10 times in a day works wonders. How it is to be done? Very simple:-
Take a deep breath, hold it for a second. While exhaling chant OM (stretch it), with hmmm sound. Practice it once daily in morning to start your day fresh.
It’s very enlightening!

5. Don’t stop exercising unless your doctor has advised to take rest. Your body needs core strength to handle 9 months of pregnancy. Even while you are expecting doctors will advise some stretching & basic exercise along with walks. But all this depends on individual health condition.

6. Eat well for two. Avoiding eating junk doesn’t mean you don’t relish restaurant food. It’s ok to have once in a while. But go for only fully cooked food and mineral water. Avoid having outside chopped raw salads, veggies, fruits, milk & milk products, water and other foods which might lead to stomach & other issues. If you are acidic, have less oily and spicy food. Don’t even have leftovers. Eat freshly cooked food.

7. Have lots of water, juices and soups to stay hydrated.

8. Read books that are of pure knowledge. Spiritual, inspirational and autobiographies also are very motivational for the soul.Listen yo good music & chants

9. Visit your doctor regularly; take all medicines that are prescribed. Never take over the counter medication. Consult your doctor before taking any decision. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor even if you have a silly question in mind. You will receive tons of advice from everyone around, trust your instincts and your doctor.

Whether you going for natural, IUI, or IVF start eliminating STRESS from day one. Feel positive and everyday imagine holding a healthy baby in your arms. Your unborn can too feel all the emotions you are going through. Start having better coordination of mind, body and soul!

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