When my daughters 4th birthday was approaching, she started behaving more mischievous. My mom said,”Children usually have changed behaviour when they are nearing their birthday. She will improve and become calm after her birthday. I too started expecting the same and became more relaxed and thought may be its natural for kids to behave in her way.
Birthday came and went but her naughty activities that mischievous smile of hers has not reduced a bit. If I think practically I should not expect a matured serious behaviour from a 4 year old toddler. She is just a child and should always have a child like heart to retain her innocence even in adulthood.

We get bugged when kids throw tantrums, run around in the house, scream loudly, spread over their toys and run away while eating. But all this is part of their childhood. Recently when my daughter fell ill the house was feeling haunted as she was not talking due to bad throat. There was pin drop silence. We were pestering her to talk as we missed her non stop chattering. 2 days we were in the guilt of scolding her to do less mischief and here she was sitting quietly in one corner and doing nothing! All of us were feeling so slump and were waiting for her to regain her energy back.

I was into tears when she got back to her routine of playing and creating a commotion in the house. And I wished her playful lark and non-stop talking should always continue.
We parents sometimes get intolerant and impatient. Our busy schedules makes us more lethargic and less complying. Kids will be kids. They will have different behaviours at different age groups..If we expect too much out of them it will be difficult for us to accept their attention seeking acts.
We can’t expect them to be perfect all the time. This is not an age to become a perfectionist. Being excellent is not the priority. Understanding what they see and learn is more important at this age which will help them in the long run. Once they get matured they will surely know their responsibility and the art of perfection. They will learn from us.
Yes, our behaviour reflects in theirs. They also get influenced by their friends and surroundings. Its crucial to give them a secured and fruitful nurturing.

We cant expect them to agree with us all the time. Toddlers are in an age where they explore new things whether its related to food, toys, play or even behaviour.
We tell them to do something and they readily disagree. Why? Because they want to do as per their wish. They are not aware about right or wrong. Its up to us to make them understand that what we have chosen for them is the best. Patience and tolerance is the key. We must even agree to what they desire once in a day to make them feel satisfied.

Good manners are learnt at an early age. But we cant expect them to portray mannerism exactly the way we teach them. They are in a learning phase and certain times in their naughtiness & playfulness forget to showcase good manners. Let them take their own time. When in public we can remind them about being a mannered child. But leave them on their own when they are with friends. I too try to discipline my daughter when we are in group and feel sometimes I am going overboard. Recently at a dinner party with friends I was already in an awful mood and she was throwing lot of tantrums. I literally blasted at her. Believe me what she told me later at home was not surprising. She said mumma, ‘why you shouted in front of your and my friends.” I realised she felt humiliated. Children do have ego. Even though I caressed her immediately after shouting but the harm was made. She felt hurt. So henceforth I decided to remind her to behave before going for a get-together and even explain her later if her behaviour wasn’t appropriate.
Manners & discipline thought early in life last for a lifetime. We must be very gentle in disciplining them.

So how do you mange disciplining your child or I must say what behaviour you expect from your child? do share in comments

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