One day I thought to challenge myself!

It’s not a big deal! Walking barefoot, in the scorching heat,

Clear skies & bright sunlight!

My feet were full of blisters and took a full day to heal.

They even could not walk a block, forget miles!

But for the children who walk barefoot, have glooming hearts and their faces still full of smiles.

Children are a gift from God. It doesn’t matter which section of society they belong to, they have a right to basic needs nature and society offers. Food, clothing, shelter, education are some of them.

‘Step Up’ is a unique project and an initiative by JAMM’s (Journey about mast mom’s), an upcoming social campaign on May 8 Mother’s Day ,where they are raising funds for 730 pieces of footwear to be given to rural children as part of a hygiene drive.

JAMM’s  network a social group of mom’s, believes in not only empowering mothers but the community at large and has always made it a point to celebrate its milestones with social projects.

Be it ‘Happy New Hair’ where they gave 365 underprivileged children haircuts or ‘I-Light’ where they gave 550 canes, dark glasses and eye check-ups  to the visually impaired during Diwali. JAMM’s which has turned TWO , is now celebrating 730 days of continuous enriching networking experiences and would like to mark it with 730 pieces of footwear given to rural children for whom this necessity is a luxury.

These village children, ages 6 to 10, are from the Mulshi Taluka in Pune, namely Aandhale, Katarkhadak, Bahirwadi, Rhea and Kalamboli villages.
It is very touching to know, that these little children walk bare foot roughly 3 km everyday just to reach school. Sadly on hot days, water is not carried to drink but to pour on the roads and sore cracked feet.
Their parents more than often cannot afford even 1 pair of basic footwear and these little feet bear the brunt.
My journey with JAMM’s though started recently, has made me overwhelmed with their various initiatives. It makes me proud to be a part of a noble cause. Imagine the amount you spend on one shoe can make tiny feet of 14 children comfortable. It will mean the world to them. Let us together support a gallant cause and make a difference in the lives of these children.
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More on Jamms:
Journey About Mast Moms or JAMM’s, as we like to call it, is a unique support group for Mumbai & New Mumbai based Moms / Moms-to-be / Single Moms based on Whatsapp.
The groups are divided based on the first child’s age and there are separate professional groups for Doctors, Artists & Designers, Lawyers, Human Resources & Trainers, ‘Mompreneurs’, Counsellors and so on. There’s even a special group for ‘Grandmoms’!

A No-Nonsense and Complete Mom-Sense Networking group, JAMM’s connects over 3000 jammies in 30+ Whatsapp groups and over 5700 moms in a secret Facebook group.
JAMM’s has been felicitated by ‘Entrepreneur Excel’ for women empowerment in Dec 2015 & has also been nominated for the prestigious international ‘Manthan’ award for digital empowerment & not misusing technology.
Know more about JAMM’s:
JAMM’s social media links
Ritu Gorai: +91 99 3020 3454

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