It takes great courage to give birth to a baby and it takes greatest courage to raise kids.
A mom’s duty is not only tough but also incomparable to any work in the world. It is not just a duty, it’s her love for her kids and family that keeps her going!
As a mother we are always under strain to raise our kids well so that we do not receive any condemnation from the society. If the kids do well in school, the mother is praised but if something goes wrong in school or even with the health of the kids, the mother is judged for her parenting style.

I have been asked certain questions regarding my children like’ why is she not eating, why is she sneezing, why is she not playing etc.,’ and my reply directly comes as ‘I don’t know’. I am with the kids 24*7 but I need not know everything. I am a super active mom but not always an expert mom.
When I hear mothers sailing in the same boat, I feel supported as I am not alone! I always feel motivated listening to courageous stories of mothers and their parenting journey. Every mother has her own story to tell whether it’s emotional or inspiring.
I was privileged to attend one such forum organised by All out where we got to know some real stories of courage and determination by mothers.
I attended the bloggers meet initiated by #allout that focussed on the societal conditioning that we moms in India go through for knowing everything related to kids and their health.
The discussion comprised of panellists the beautiful Sonali Bendre (Mother & Bollywood Actress), Ruchita Dar Shah (Mother & Founder FMC), Dr. Samir Dalwai (Paediatrician), Dr. Rupali Patel (Psychologist) and Chandrama – Moderator (Momjunction)

Both Ruchita and Sonali Bendre shared their experience of motherhood being a challenge and it definitely is not a rosy picture always as portrayed. There is a constant struggle that goes on within us to raise a genuine, happy, kind, loving, healthy, independent and morally responsible child. It’s not easy to get these traits within a child and only a mother who is on a constant run to bring up her kid in the best possible manner can do it.
In between these different moms chronicles we were taken through the brand film that has received tremendous reactions from the audience. Every one of us including the panellists resembled with the film & the brands thought that laid us deep into our memories and with a snap we associated with it.

Here is the link:

Like other moms I too got an opportunity to share my experience.
Just a week before my daughter’s 3rd birthday she fell ill due to cold and cough. It wasn’t that bad to worry. We took her to doctor and she was given the regular medicines. All invites were sent and arrangements were made. As parents we were overwhelmed with joy! But a day before her birthday the doctor told to remove an X-ray as he felt something wasn’t right. When he saw the film he explained to us that the cough has accumulated in her chest and that was causing her difficulty in breathing. Keeping her birthday in mind, he told us to observe her and if she gets restless we have to admit her. My biggest fear came true. We had to admit her in the hospital. Exactly at 12 midnight when we were supposed to cut the cake, she was injected with I.V. No one from family or friends wished her or else she would have showered us with line of questions and I had no courage to answer as to why on her birthday she is in hospital. Whoever came to know asked us how did all this happen and how come she got so much cough in her chest. I said I don’t know and I wish I knew so that I could have not let it happen.

This incident changed my perspective of knowing everything as a compulsion. Questions like why she is crying, why she has got stubborn, why she has become thin, etc. don’t bother me anymore. I am doing the best I can for my kids and I always will.

As a mother my focus is on raising a healthy, confident and independent child. Sometimes I have such a lot of fight going on between my mind and head that it gets difficult to take a call. When it comes to my kids I follow my instincts. Every time I cannot be right. There are failures. There are times I have to say #mujhesabnahipata. There are moments that I just weep.

When my second baby was born everyone thought she can take care of two kids with back of her hand. But believe me even after a month I had no clue why my baby was crying. Even after feeding, changing diaper, swaddling, sleeping she would cry. Now after 8 months I realised it was nothing but separation anxiety.

Such were the stories and personal anecdotes which were discussed and shared in the meet. They all thanked the brand for starting heart to heart conversations. Many experienced moms wished that if such platform existed a few years ago it could have helped them raise their kids who are now teenagers without any fuss. They have been living with the guilt of knowing it all for so many years.

With this entire emotional bond we also discussed about how a mother who is handling different issues often misses out on threats from a small creature like mosquito, which can cause deadliest disease like dengue and malaria. I am personally petrified of this terrible sickness and take extra precaution to keep mosquitoes away from my kids.
Here Dr Samir cleared all our misconceptions and shared insight on the symptoms, missed signs and causes.
He brought forward certain facts like:-
-Dengue mosquitoes breed in clean water
-The symptoms can be anywhere starting from a rash.
-It’s not only about the platelet count that can identify dengue. The child might seem active and then next moment inactive, inspite of having no fever. It’s important to watch the behaviour of the child and keep him/her hydrated.
The event ended with everyone tying the knot to their duppattas/stole and pledging to remind themselves of not getting disheartened and share their #muhjesabnahipata stories to help mothers in their beautiful motherhood journey.

I too have tied a knot on my duppata and I pledge to share my motherhood stories & help other mommies. I would call out mums who are reading this to immediately tie a knot on your duppata as a reminder to not only share your story in the comments section but also hear out from other moms. I am sure each one of us have enlightening narratives which will lift our spirits.

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