1. After waking up thank the Lord for granting you a lovely morning. Run your palm and place it on your face. Open your eyes for a fresh start.
2. Have one glass of water before brushing.
3. Greet everyone you meet with a smile.
4. Help atleast one person everyday.
5. Have your breakfast. Do  not Skip this first meal of morning. Since our stomach is empty entire night, it should be treated with a fruit and heavy breakfast. Eat healthy food. Avoid junk food.
6. Have 8 glasses of water daily.
7. Serve a plate of fruits not only to yourself but also  entire family.
8. Spend the least possible time on your phone, Tab or laptop.
9. Fill water in your mouth and splash water on each of your eyes one by one atleast 10 times. Once the water in your mouth becomes warm, throw it and repeat the same again.
10. Eat salad daily.
11. Have one glass of milk if it suits you before retiring to bed.
12. List your daily expenses to track your budget.
13. Walk for atleast half hour daily.
14. Moisturize your skin at bed time.
15. Eat food before 8pm. Have light dinner.
16. Have one meal with entire family.
17. Talk with your spouse and children everyday before sleeping. Let them know you care.
18. Talk to atleast one friend daily.
19. Meditate for 10 mins. This can also be done in office. All you have to do is close your eyes and breath in & out by changing ‘OM’ or any word you like. Simple breathing will also do.
20. Read atleast one page of a book, newspaper or listen to good music.Be aware of what is going around.
21. Repeat this ‘Everything is good and tomorrow will be the best’.
22.Thank God for an awesome day. Say sorry if you have done anything wrong. Pray for a better tomorrow.
23. Whisper positive notes in your children’s ears while they are sleeping.
24. End your day with a smile

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