It feels like a blessing when you get a chance to witness your child enjoying & playing endlessly.

We took a wise decision to celebrate the much awaited, ‘Father’s day’, on the 19th of June, at The Riot Room, because last year my daughter was too small to understand the significance of this day and now my child could comprehend that it is daddy’s day, we need to make this day special .

The Riot Room in collaboration with JAMM’s network (Journey about mast moms) and Prism Toys organized a memorable event for ‘The Cool Daddies’.

We were quite delighted to see a huge area converted into a play space for the kids with such vibrant colors and humble staff to take care of our tiny tots.

We entered to have a lovely photo clicked on the photo booth and received our instant photo frame. There were games for all parents organized by Prism Toys and we went back to school & brushed up our GK. 

The Riot Room is beautifully designed, conceptualized and owned by Hardika  Lakhani, who herself is a mother. My 2.5 yr old daughter had a fun time going around on all activities like building blocks, soft rides and slides, ball pool, ball shower, gun shooting, bouncing net, etc. The space also has a cafeteria which serves food and parents can also sit back and watch their kids play.

The miniature activities in indoor play areas not only have a fun value but also keep our tiny tots engaged independently. They learn to play on their own, climb, pass the obstructions, and perform various physical and mental activities. It stimulates the mind and body. One also need not worry about the weather outside. During bad weather we cannot take our kids to open play areas. So such indoor play space provides great opportunity for kids to beat the weather and explore their play skills.

They have membership plans, arrangement for birthday celebration and school picnics. One can avail the benefit of their referral scheme mentioned in their website:

They are open 7 days a week, 12 PM to 8 PM. Socks are mandatory for everyone (adults & children).

So friends, do visit the place and write your review. I am sure you will have a jolly good time and kids can never get enough of their moniker slides.

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