The mind of a child is like deep & vast ocean. It has enough abode for knowledge and aptitude which one can create at a right age. Their thought processes are flexible which can be moulded in a productive way.
One needs patience, correct methodology and guidance from experts to show them a progressive path.
I love to do a lot of activities with my child as she also thoroughly enjoys it. Few she does it on her own and some need my attention. One such activity based concept learning material we explored & enjoyed attempting is the Vitamin Simple UNBOX and we are currently doing their iDiwali interactive story & activity book. With the Diwali festival around the corner, I believe it’s great to make the children familiar as to why we celebrate Diwali and its significance. This book has it all.

The brain behind this book is a mom to 4 year old twins, Kajal Dharod who apart from being a finance software professional has always been fond of teaching and has curated a learning platform for young kids.

Apart from the narration about the story of Rama & Sita, What I like about this activity based book is:-

1. It’s fresh & interactive. It is not an instruction based book where the child has to perform as per dos & don’ts.
2. Its story based which helps child understand concepts related to the tale and can easily recite it all by themselves.
3. It completes the Diwali saga in few attractive pages in a simple manner, easy for the children to understand.
4. It has 10 chapters depicting the story one after the other, and 8 activities all related to Diwali including, colouring, stickers, cut-outs, flap cards, crafts, etc.
5. Kids can make their own DIY lantern, gift boxes, fireworks, rangoli, diyas, etc.
6. Complete hands-on-activity based book having kid’s participation.
7. It fosters observation, analytical skills & enhances story telling skills.
8. Kids between 3-9 age can engage with less assistance thus developing their self-learning skill.
9. Allows children to explore learning on their own & makes it fun to learn.
My daughter could easily tell her Diwali story after practically going through each & every chapter.
With vacations started, I think this is a best way to keep your active kids busy with such resourceful set of activities.

So discover a whole range of creative ideas, songs, themes and activities along with attractive printables to experience some daily dose of vitamins with YourLearning Capsule.
You can visit their website and to buy the book visit
You can also PAYtm Rs299/- along with your full name + contact no. to 9819903276 and order right away!

I would like to thank Jamm’s Network for getting me introduced to a wonderful learning concept.
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