For me, every aspect of being a mother is a wonderful experience, but when it comes to changing nappies or feeding your baby it gets messy sometimes. I always want the nappy changing process to be hassle-free. That’s why I keep everything ready at home or while traveling. Diaper, Diaper rash cream, baby wipes, extra clothes, and last but certainly not the least, changing mats. I keep these essentials near my bed & in my handy essentials bag. Though all these products are important, perhaps the most indispensable one for me after the diapers, the one I can’t afford to overlook, is baby changing mats. I get stressed when I think of dirty bedsheets and soiled clothes/mat, especially when I am on a trip. With 2 kids, I don’t like taking any additional load.

After all who wants excess laundry at home or while traveling?
Imagine you are at someone’s house and need to change baby diapers, without a diaper changing mat, you are always under stress of soiling the bedsheet or the surface and embarrassing yourself. However, the mats I had been using were reusable ones, and it often became to keep them clean and hygienic on the go. And though I could save the bedsheets, I had to constantly pop these mats in the washing machine to ensure that they were clean. Even that couldn’t keep the smell away after a point of time.

Recently, I came across ‘Teddyy changing mats. These mats solved my problem of washing the changing mats. These mats can be used while changing nappies or cleaning your little one, and they are extra soft & spongy, therefore, very comfortable for the baby. Their super absorbent material absorbs baby pee very easily, keeps baby dry, bed clean.

If the baby is wearing a diaper it can be used 2-3 times even if the diaper leaks. You can also use it to wrap the baby, when carrying him in your arms, thus protecting your clothes.

Teddyy changing mats and are so gentle on skin that they can be used before and during the massage, they also have a waterproof backsheet that prevents staining. It has an antibacterial core and hypoallergenic formulas to keep your baby healthy/allergy-free. The criss-cross design prevents any kind of leakage. I have used other diaper changing mats in the past but found Teddyy changing mats more durable and convenient.

If you are traveling, it becomes easy to use and throw them as they are disposable. I remember once when we were in our car and my little one had to be cleaned, I used Teddyy changing mat and my daughter was very comfortable while lying on it. I could change diapers easily without worrying about dirtying the car seat. The waterproof back sheet took care of keeping the seat dry.

Waterproof backsheet

Rather than keeping baby in a diaper for the entire day and putting them at the risk of developing to rashes, it’s better to keep them without nappy for a few hours on these convenient changing mats.

You can use it on the bed, in the pram or crib. Taking my little one in the stroller has become comfortable even when she is not in a diaper. I spread Teddyy changing mats in the stroller and take her for a stroll.
I found it very hygienic and reasonable. It comes in a universal size and, a single pack has 10 mats. You can easily find them online on

A perfect utility product for mothers and babies! It supports mothers in taking care of babies anywhere and everywhere.


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