When trivial & imperative incidents, people and observations inspire your whole life and drives one towards writing a book: it truly takes through a journey that is though unconnected yet leaving behind a lasting impression.
Rajan Sankaran who is a well-known Homeopathic practitioner takes the reader through a tale of personal evolution and spiritual discovery in his book ‘Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree’ that will surely touch your heart and heal the soul.

What I like about the book:
The author believes in one most crucial thing, to make life journey spiritual.
He derives motivation from few and describes certain people as guide of his life. Infact, he believes that everyone whom we interact with in daily life becomes our guide & mentor.

For E.g. He has mentioned about :
-The taxi driver who made the author visualize beauty in a tree
-His own 4 year old son made him realize that living in the present moment is important rather than worrying about the future.
-A sixty year old women, who was his patient, advised to always take care of the people with whom we deal in our daily life helper staff, maid, office boy, laundryman, watchman, etc.
-A dog made him believe that animals are as equal as humans in spirit.
-Essence of Friendship & love is such that, it’s an automatic acceptance of each other, without even knowing one another.
-A spiritual conversation with a tree made him analyze his inner self. He understood that virtues come automatically within a person. If one considers trees as ‘one nature’, it becomes easier for us to develop humility, love & acceptance.

Rajan is also quite mesmerized by his mother. He inherited knowledge of literature from her, imbibed traditional values she had and learnt from her to celebrate each occasion of your life. The relationship with his mother described gets very emotional as he always felt much secured when with her.

The author has at many places mentioned about his late father who was his inspiration and influencer. He taught him different facets of life. According to his father, no job is small or big and thus needs to be done with perfection. He taught him the value of time. He was a very light-hearted man with a humorous nature.

The author also mentioned his fondness for music and his immense faith in homeopathy.

He has also placed photographs of some memories & memorable people who have been an influence & important part of his spiritual quest.

What I didn’t like about the book?
Somehow I felt that the stories could have been interconnected to keep the reader less distracted.

This book is for those who like reading experiential journeys and derive lessons from small anecdotes.

The book is available on Amazon.in

(This is not a sponsored review. Only the book was shared for reading & reviewing the same)

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  1. Such a simple and yet enriching concept for living a better life. It is heartening to know that the author actually takes inspiration from people in his daily life and seeks to learn from them. Becoming a better person by learning from those around you is the best form of learning.

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