Have you ever felt the smooth touch of fur or feather? How about silky smooth satin?

Don’t you feel like touching it again and again? They even look so delicate!

Similarly Babies skin is so soft and sensitive that it needs to be nurtured the most. Everyone loves to caress and cuddle them!

When both my daughters were born the most important instruction which I gave everyone was not to touch their skin specially the face. So when I had to choose anything for them be it baby products, clothing or baby accessories; I first spent days together to finalize on a particular product. As my husband calls me ‘one unique mother’, I would say, ‘yes I am a very cautious mother’.

Usually we do not get into the science of the products we use. But when it comes to babies’ skin I often prefer reading out the ingredients and research their advantages.

The most important factor is the pH level of the skin. Normally a healthy skin has a pH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic. Babies are born with a pH value of 7. After 3 months once the acid mantle develops the pH level of their skin becomes 5.5. Acid Mantle is the skins natural defence system and pH5.5 is nothing but the pH level of normal & healthy skin. Skins pH value protects us from environmental influences which can be harsh on skin. pH 5.5 leads to soft & supple skin, aids in skin renewal, imparts a healthy glow to the skin and guards skin from infections. Any pH value of more than pH 5.5 can damage babies’ sensitive skin. It can cause rashes and irritation. So it is very necessary to choose babies skin products wisely.

That is why I choose Sebamed baby product for my babies’ sensitive skin. All Sebamed products maintain pH of 5.5. All their products have been carefully prepared by dermatologists to meet babies skin explicit needs.

As compared to my elder one my second baby has a very sensitive skin right from birth. She started getting rashes all over her body after her first bath. Her skin turned red after massage and bath with tiny little bumps popping out especially on her forehead, cheeks, chest & back.

I took over the responsibility of her massage and bath just few days after my c-sec. I massaged her very softly and bathed her gently. My elder one was also massaged by me. With carefully chosen product and mummas touch her skin improved within days. After few months of using normal oil, I zeroed down to Baby Sebamed soothing massage oil which is preferred by many mothers I knew. Now we are in love with Baby Sebamed oil as that suits my baby’s skin well.

I always first test the product on myself as my skin is also very sensitive and was astonished with the product result. It showed good effects on my skin too!. After my second pregnancy my skin tends to get very dry. I usually do some oiling before bath and after using Baby Sebamed soothing massage oil the results were appealing.

Then I decided to use it on both my children as we still massage our elder one who is 5 years old atleast once a week.

What I totally love about this product is that:-
-It is non-greasy
-It feels very mild as it leaves satin like smoothness on babies already soft skin
-It is gentle on subtle skin
-It has a very mild soothing fragrance
-It protects, soothes and moisturizes babies’ skin as it has essential botanical oils.

This was my 8th month old daughters first winter and due to cold weather her cheeks get very dry & turn red. But after massaging with Baby Sebamed oil, I felt her overall skin retained its moisture for a longer time.
The only thing I felt when I purchased this product was the cost which is on a higher side but it is worth every penny.
My mother always says,’for children to get a healthy glowing skin it is important to take care of your child’s skin from the day they are born’!
When it comes to my baby, I don’t compromise on anything. And I am sure no mother would:)

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