Crumble paper painting for toddlers?‍?
Teaching the color RED❤
& CIRCLE in shapes.

When do kids start identifying colors? Well, it depends on how we make them aware of different colors. My elder one started identifying colors very early but we started off lately with my younger one as soon as she started talking. 

One activity which actually helped her identify  color was Coloring with crumbled paper. We start with the color RED. Usually even schools start first with color RED.

Also its easier for kids to identify the shape CIRCLE. So we first teach them the shape CIRCLE.

How to do the activity:

Take  a white paper. Cut in round shape.

Take any  waste paper and crumble it in small pieces which your child can hold.

Put red color in a palate and ask them to dip the paper in RED color and dab it on the round shape paper.

They will enjoy doing this activity. 

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