When children tell their parents to follow their steps, they know that henceforth, they will always be there to guide their every move, show them the right path; they need not worry about the future when they get old and shall receive utmost care.

”Now even dads are taking equal responsibility of raising a child”

A father daughter bond is beyond explanation.  A father-son relationship is nothing less than friendship. A mother has and will always be the front face of parenthood since she spends the maximum time with the child. But it is the father who is the backbone of the mother & child both. Though he will never come in the picture of parenthood since he might be having lot of apprehension due to the conservative attitude of society which believes that (hopefully times have changed now) a father cannot do a mother’s job and he doesn’t have to. But times have changed. Now even dads are taking equal responsibility of raising a child

 They not only provide monetary but emotional support too. They get into the nits & grittiest of parenthood and show keen interest in their children’s upbringing. They want to change diapers, massage baby, clean baby, feed them , make them sleep; they are ok with even singing lullabies, drop their kids to school, attend meetings, help them in studies, go for outings, be their friend, mentor & guide.

”Its high time men get their due.”

The way a women manages her career; house and children similarly even men now want to experience & achieve the same satisfaction of being part of every tiny initiative which are linked to his family.

Its high time men get their due. We talk so much about motherhood that we forget about the key role of a father. A silent support & pillar of strength for the mother & baby.

Even though a mother is working, a man will try to fulfill the needs of his beloved and kids.

”They understand that women cannot be restricted to only family chores; they have recognized their ‘Wings to Fly’.”

When men are home we expect them to help us in daily chores and baby care. Some do without complaining and few just manage. Surely they never say no. Today’s modest parent is awakened by the thought of ‘it’s our baby’. They consciously try to get involved in house matters.  Women now get more ME time compared to the space what our mums got. Men are also now open to nuclear concept to stay in peace. They support their wives when it comes to choosing career and family. They understand that women cannot be restricted to only family chores; they have recognized their ‘Wings to Fly’.

It is rightly said that behind every successful man there is a women who keeps patience with his busy schedule but the table has turnaround. Today we have men standing tall & strong behind successful women. Yes dearies, though we are independent, headstrong and we don’t require anyone’s help; but as a mother and wife men have crucial roles to play in our life. They are equally important to kids.

We keep on cribbing men don’t give time to family and only give importance to work. Men are structured that way. Women even though they are working will ultimately get back to house work when they return from their corporate life. But same cannot be expected by men. They will come home, take a shower, takeover the TV control, have dinner, go for a walk or go to bed. The one having kids will play with them for some time and retire for the day.

Both are different with individual accountabilities. It’s a complex understanding and mutual acceptance between the two. Hard to explain and difficult to conclude as to where is the edge? Where is the line of work division? Is there any and if yes then is it required? Can’t men be left to be men and women continue to do what they have been doing since decades.

The modern and modest individual whether man or women might not accept this belief. They are together to share happiness, distress, responsibilities etc.

When it comes to babies, leave the men alone with them and see the magical bond of a father & child. They would be most comfortable and friendly. Let’s leave all the dreads and give men their due as a doting father.

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