She wakes up early in the morning every day, challenging the rising sun. There has been not a single day she has spent sleeping extra-long hours. There is an in-built alarm clock in her. The clock can stop working but there is no stopping for her.

 She takes early morning bath, performs her daily rituals, and prays for her family. Even the divine above must be wondering whether he gave her an extra punctuality power. She takes a cup of tea and sits on the sofa doing all monthly calculations. She doesn’t spend this time for herself and her eyes are on the timepiece. And there the alarm rings and even her cooker. She goes to wake her kids for school, prepares breakfast and tiffin. She has to deal with 2 fussy eaters every day in same pattern patiently and sternly. 

Once they leave for school she again gets back to kitchen to prepare breakfast & meal for her husband and in laws. Everyone has a different taste. For kids she prepares sandwich, for husband corn flakes and for in-laws paratha. In the mundane task of preparing delicacies for everyone she has forgotten what she likes and eats whatever suits her time and is ready.

Though everyone has gone to their respective schedule, she still has loads to do; laundry, monitoring maids, cleaning, changing pillow covers and bed sheet, settling bills of milkman, laundryman, cable, grocery  etc., The moment she sits the bell rings, the moment she thinks to do something the bell rings and it does at least 10 times. She doesn’t get bugged but thinks of it as a good exercise.  

Its 12 noon and time for her to get back to work, not household work but something she loves doing and is passionate about. Initially her family was not taking her earnestly but yes now they are and proud of her. She loves teaching. She always wanted to be a teacher. Her parents got her married early, and then came responsibility of house & kids. But time came when she could pursue her dream and career of her choice, though not full time but at least few hours till her children are not home because she doesn’t wants to affect their schedule and give them best possible time.

She runs tuition classes at home. Not many students but takes maximum 10, due to space constraint. It’s been 2 yrs. and she is steady and motivated. Dreams of opening her own classes in a big space. These few hours gives her mental satisfaction and she gets rejuvenated to get back again taking homework of their kids, revision, preparing tea & snacks, going to the market, taking kids to the park, preparing dinner and putting kids to sleep, taking care of medication of in-laws and showing affection & care to her husband. She doesn’t sleep before 1 am. Sometimes after everyone falls asleep, she prepares notes and sheets for her students and reads her favorite book.

Turn the word ‘MoM’ upside down; it appears as ‘WoW’, she truly has a WoW factor in her. She is a simple mom but a fabulous woman.

No big aspirations and demands, happy in her own cocoon. She has few set of friends whom she meets on birthdays and anniversaries. She visits her parents twice in a year during vacations in her native place. You can find her in every single women whether working or at home. Few qualities here and there but she resembles all of us. 

**The content is imaginative and doesn’t bear resemblance to any character or person

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