A second time mommy would wish that her second baby should be like her first one.
After I heard of my news everyday I used to wish that my coming lil one should be like my elder one.
And now when my elder one is going to be 5 years next month and my lil one is already 3 months old the number of comparisons between the two have increased. Right from their looks, smile, feeding habits, sleeping routine and development milestones everything is compared.

For us both are different beings yet similar.
The other day I removed all my elder ones pics and was creating collage to see whether the similarity weighs more than difference. And my finding was that they are quite similar.
Someone asked me whom do you feel you love more. Well for a mother this would be tricky but yes I am more attached to my elder one as I have spent 5 years and nine months of my pregnancy with her.
I am getting fond of my lil one too as she is growing and bonding with me..so both are apple of my eyes.

Soon when my elder one will get busy with her primary school for longer duration, we have to prepare ourselves to send the younger one to pre-primary and probably will spend more time with me.

A mother’s feelings for first and second child always remains the same only her experience might vary. Her love to will remain the same for both.
I am now waiting to see both my kids bond with each other that will make our journey of parenthood more exciting and fulfilling.
Though a mother gives birth to her child but ideally she herself is reborn. (I have been born thrice actually?).
Really its a fantastic and crazy world with these kids and I am going to have such madness even more now!!

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