‘Lets not limit the scope of imagination by guiding them often’.

I believe in keeping my kid independent as that is how I was brought up. I had complete freedom to choose and do what I wanted as my parents trusted me . Hence I was raised as a confident human being.
Similarly I try letting my elder one perform all activities on her own and guide her where she cant find a way.

-If she falls I pamper her by saying you are strong!
-If she is confused I tell her to weight the options and decide!
-If she succeeds I tell her to stay grounded!
-If she wants to win I tell her to give her best but inform her that its not going to be always win-win. ‘Every child is a star in their own way but it depends on you how bright you shine’!
-I even stop her from doing wrong and that happens even if we are among 10 people
-I make her realise her mistake as I know its only parents who can bring their kids on right track

And many such motivational yet parenting solutions are applied so that I bring up a confident, independent, strong, kind and caring individual.

The #colordrawing pic is of the #drawingcompetition in our building.
She asked me mumma what should I make. I told her do your best and she put in all figures she knew; a house, mountain, sun, girl, boy, butterfly, flower, tree & a sea.
Though I thought it was commendable of her to do so much as she is quiet impatient specially when she has friends around and she just wants to finish her stuff & play.I gave her an honest opinion of what I thought about it specially when it comes to coloring as I know she is capable of doing it better & she agreed to color neatly next time.
Thats it! I was happy she atleast realised, as at this age its difficult for kids to agree on their mistakes. If elders can’t accept(as may be they weren’t stopped in their childhood)these lil ones are just kids after all. But even toddlers have so much of ego issues that its difficult to even block them from doing anything wrong. But we cant wait. We have to stop them as this is the age they mould and set their mindset.
To be continued……

Actually sometimes as a parent we are so limited with choices to handle our little ones that we eventually give up on their tantrums.

I am going to come up with such series of parenting solutions for dealing with toddlers.

So lets help each other by mentioning parenting solutions in comments.

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