7.00am alarm rings. Do you get up? No. You don’t. It’s snoozed for say good ten minutes. Ultimately you are tired of snoozing and you wake up. The day starts with cooking. Your husband speaks to you but you are still in drowsiness to respond.  You just shake your head without wasting any energy to talk.

Some of the thoughts that come to your mind while cooking can range from:-

  • “Let me finish packing tiffin, then I will head straight to bed and sleep”.
  • “I wish baby doesn’t get up for another hour, I want to sleep”.
  • “Leave it, have lots to do shall have tea and read newspaper”.
  • “What should I cook in night, let me think”.
  • “Let me switch on the washing machine”…and so on.

Always preoccupied with thoughts, aren’t you?

Your daily routine is too cliche like:

  • Your husband leaves for work
  • Children get up, you bath them, feed them, yell at them, cuddle them, give them disciplinary lectures, etc…
  • Argue with maid…why she came late… go on for ten mins and wind up your house work,
  • Husband calls to remind you to search papers, baby calls out…..you forget which papers… you call husband again to ask…. but baby is clingy, you say ok will search.
  • The entire day goes with baby and cooking. Evening you go for a walk in the park with your little one, come home and feed them.
  • Husband comes ask you for papers, you make excuses and start searching. He says leave it I will do on my own. You whisper to yourself ‘’if you can do it on your own, then why you tell me to”, he overhears this and the ending never argument starts. You make the baby sleep. Make faces and sleep in anger. Husband tries to say sorry but you are adamant of not talking and go to sleep.


The above might be a routine for most of us since our activities are programmed by us that we don’t like to get any changes done in our day to day life. We love to work and live a robotic life. But is it worth it? Cooking, cleaning, feeding baby, taking care of house and even working professionally is what we love to do and accepted to do all this wholeheartedly. Then why do we crib and get frustrated at times?  Why do we start feeling that there is nothing exciting ahead? May be because we have taken ourselves for granted! We have stopped finding happiness around us.  We have made life boring. But is it really sad? Not really!

So how can we boost ourselves and start preparing for a happier and satisfying life.  It’s no miracle and not a one word say, but a deep connection with ones feelings.

  • No expectations mean less rejection of ones feelings and no tears.
  • Identify one passion or hobby. Stick to it and flourish in it.
  • Start getting organized. No more messiness, mismanagement and blaming time for everything. Time and money is in your own safe hands. Its upto you how you can spend it, intelligently, rationally or carelessly.
  • We blame destiny and people for our screwed life. Just move on. Believe in karma and you will smile.
  • Try making small moments more memorable. If weekdays are exhausting, make weekends your best time. Spend time with family at home or outside and even remove some ME time. Indulge in a sport or activity or just pamper yourself with a spa. Sit alone in a coffee shop and gather progressive thoughts.
  • Communicate with your partner. Don leave any stone unturned to make him/her feel important.
  • Never let your kids feel the pressure you are going through at workplace or home front. They are too small to understand and should not create a tough viewpoint on life.
  • Plan holidays well in advance so that everyone can take time off. Be offline from all gadgets when on vacation. You have gone with people to have fun not with electronics.
  • Make a note of things to be done so that you do not forget them
  • Give yourself a break from household chores. Have a no cooking day in a week and enjoy outside delicacies. Let other members of the family too contribute. If children are grown up let them support you with small tasks. If husband is fond of cooking, enjoy his meals once in a while.


Love yourself even more every day. Love your family more than you love yourself. Love your job to give your best. Love your responsibilities so that you can take up even more.

Make each day different. Make each moment memorable and fun-loving.



6 thoughts on “This Day That Day – Yet Another Same Day!!”

  1. I believe in every word because routine is permanent and binding… Non routine can be once in a while….. even hobbies have to be pursued routinely to flourish in them

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