After I become a mom, I lost the “Miss Perfectionist” tag during the initial months. Though for others I was still doing a decent job, but I knew this was not me.  When it came to taking care of my baby and her belongings I was still the same; disciplined and organised. But when it came to managing myself or things which belonged to me and my husband, I had taken a step behind. Whether it was managing wardrobe or maintain documents, I never made any attempt to be perfect because my priority was different now.  This went on for few months till I could set a perfect routine for everything.

Especially when it came to my handbags which one requires almost daily. They were once so organised neat and clean. But now I had to hunt deep into them to even find my mobile. So many times I could find pieces of tissues, waste bags, food crumbs in my bag and it always gave me an ‘eeks’ feeling. It was time to get organised again.

Because of my fetish for hand bags I kept on changing them depending on the outfit I wore. Sling for market trips, a fancy handbag for movies or dinners, and a clutch for a formal gathering. Though I still own variety of purses and handbags but currently I prefer keeping one bag handy for long which has everything I need for my baby and even few things for myself. It becomes easy to keep single bag or maintain a small pouch which fits into your bag.

So I just sat one day and jotted down what all things I needed to carry when accompanied by my baby on routine basis.





  1. A big bag which can carry your world, your cupboard with you.

There are different types of bags available. You can have the tote bag, mother bag which is available in baby stores, or a sports bag.

Make sure it is stylish and trendy so that you don’t feel like a Portman. Also; it should have enough sections for you to find things easily rather than digging your bag every now and then in public.

Carry a small clutch for money, cards, mobile and keys it can be placed easily in the bag or a sling bag.

  1. For New mom: It is absolutely ok to forget your stuff but, do not forget to keep baby wipes for the shocking surprise. Atleast 2 Diapers, tissues, diaper rash cream, Baby powder, bib, extra pair of clothes, hand sanitizer, mosquito repellent cream, wrap towel(for nursing), extra disposable bags.

For weaning babies, do carry their milk or porridge in containers which has different sections for the same. A small flask for warm water is a must. Keep handy foods like banana/Apple to satisfy hunger pangs.

For others who have got over with nappy issues do carry an extra pair of clothes for your kids too because you never know one might require it for emergencies like liquid spills or food droppings.

  1. For last minute finish keep a comb or hair brush, sunglasses, a clip, lipstick/lip gloss/lip balm, kajal and a small compact. Place all this in a small pouch for easy access.
    1. To avoid body odour keep good Eau de cologne handy.
    1. We all love capturing those cute moments and expressions of our tiny tots. While travelling it is important to keep your phone charged, one can carry a power bank along incase of any emergency if your phone goes down on battery charge.
    1. Carry enough cash or cards to fund your food or travel specially when with kids.

    Though it doesn’t look like much stuff when read but it actually gets heavy when carried. So make sure not to carry a bag which already is of heavy material as it will add on more weight.

     An advance preparation can save lot of time in packing and searching things.

    Try keeping your hand baggage ready every night before winding up so that incase you have to go out the next day you need not spend time in searching and packing important stuff.

    Do not forget to replace essentials and clean your bag once in 15 days.

    Motherhood comes with lot of challenges. But small steps can make our life much easy.

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