Every day I wake up and promise myself to spend most of my time productively.
I schedule my day with practically 10 things to do in my mind. I start waking up at 7.00am every day and retire to bed by 1.00am. Ultimately I end up doing 7 out of 10 scheduled activities including my household chores.
It became more difficult for me to manage my time after my child, since my day was planned by her. Feeding, changing nappies, doctor visits and frequent waking up in the night to even playing (who plays at 3.am in the night;) well I did), had made me even forget calendar dates. I had to ask my husband which day is today. For me Monday’s and Sunday’s were same.
But well this has changed now. My darling is 2 year old. I have also advanced as a mother, housewife and now blogger. I feel I am going back to my normal old self who had given time management great respect and importance. I truly believe that gone time, day, date, month or year will never come back. That’s why I want to live my life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment and every day. Capture birthday, anniversary, outings and such beautiful time spent with loved ones.
When I was working, I had conducted one training on Time Management in my organization.
The concepts which I had designed for the training, are put to practical use by me now when I am loaded with responsibility of taking care of my house, spouse, child and now writing. Anyone who wants to utilize their time efficiently, whether at work or home, can put these simple basic steps into practical use:
1 1. Schedule and plan your activities a day prior so that you do not waste your time thinking the next day.
2. Start early: Well I am improving on it; this is the only thing I am improving on. But yes it is important. Even I feel its waste sleeping for long hours and sleeping late. If you have the opportunity to go to bed early and wake up before sunrise, you will be one of the blessed to have so many hours in hand.
3. Review your activities while having morning tea. That is what I do.
4. Prioritize: Do important things first. As the day passes you start feeling lethargic to do difficult tasks, so finish all important tasks start of the day.
5. Contingency plan: This one is my favorite. Suppose your day till evening has gone as per schedule except certain things to be done which you ignored and postponed in the evening. Suddenly when you are about to start with it and your boss schedules a meeting, or if you are at home some guest arrive, your whole planning goes for a toss. The tasks which were postponed will be rescheduled to next day. And sometimes it becomes even DAYS. So have an hour scheduled for such incomplete work which has been dragging for a long period of time.
6. Keep gadgets away. Chat or surf the net in idle time. Keep distractions aside.
7. Remove time to pamper yourself, to spend time with family and friends and for personal entertainment.

Lack of time for oneself and family can create anxiety and stress within us and between relations.
Man has the ability to control time. Do not let time control you.

Though maintaining an activity log and preparing a to-do-list sounds too professional, it can be used by all of us to effectively manage time.

Remember you do not manage time; you manage yourself, others & work.
The busiest person has more time in his kitty.

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