Beauty is skin deep. It is not only important to look good but feel good about yourself.

I am very lazy when it comes to managing any stringent beauty regime. I believe in following a real ritual without complaining lack of time.

There are so many good salons, beauty clinics and beauty products which one can utilize. But sometimes it becomes very confusing as to what to choose. And of course, they all come with a price.

No matter how beautiful your skin looks or you wear gorgeous dresses, but if you are not groomed, your appearance will lack the elegance required.

Let’s start with some basic steps which we can cope up to regularly. These are experienced, practiced and some advised by experts whom I have come across in my life span.

  1.      Feel good skin – Who doesn’t want a flawless looking skin. But not everyone is lucky. With a good skin care ritual we can atleast have a healthy looking skin.

-It is important to wash your face twice a day with a mild face wash. And if you still want to freshen up just wash with normal water, to avoid losing up moisture on your face.

-Cleanse your face with a good cleansing milk or even normal milk, apply a good toner and leave it. This can be done twice a week

-Cleansing-scrubbing-face pack (as per skin type)-sunscreen or a good moisturizer: this can be done atleast once in 15 days at comfort of your home.

-If you prefer home packs multani mitti mixed with rose water or  besan, milk, haldi & honey mixed in curd /milk also does wonders.

-Oiling your skin regularly helps to retain the ‘baby like glow’. Massage your body with oil every day before taking bath. These 5 mins spent, will reduce early aging of your skin.

-Regular bleach /facials/cleanups makes skin rejuvenate. Do it from one beautician since they then understand your skin type.

-Do go for waxing regularly. Avoid shaving since it develops thick hair growth.  If you get any kind of irritation after waxing apply ice or aloe vera gel.

-For those with facial hair problems besan, milk, haldi & honey mixed in curd or milk can help. -One can even opt for hair removal laser treatments to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

-Shaping your eyebrows gives a different sharpness to your face. Try doing it from one place or beautician.

-I can vouch for Shea butter based body scrubs , they make your skin feel soft and fresh. Apply it atleast once in 15 days all over your body by slightly massaging it and wash off with cold water. It makes skin exfoliate.

-Applying ice regularly helps to remove excess oil.

-Remove make-up with milk or cleansing milk.

-Apply sunscreen on your hands, feet and face-neck every day, even if you are at home.

-Avoid going out between 12:00noon to 4pm. Carry umbrella to avoid direct exposure to sun.

-Eat well, sleep well. Drink lots of liquid in the form of water & juices. Drinking Coconut water every day gives a fantastic glow to your skin.

-Apply petroleum jelly for chapped lips. Use tooth brush to remove dead skin.

  1. Hair Care – Some of us want long lustrous hair and some prefer to keep it short.

-Hair whether long or short needs to be trimmed regularly.

-If you have unmanageable frizzy hair, do lot of oiling for maintenance.

Oil should be applied atleast twice in a week.  Massage warm oil on hair gently over scalp and tips. One can even keep it for 20 mins before washing. It provides good moisture to your hair.

-Hair spa does wonders. But consult a beautician for the same, since they have a different method of doing it. If you are using it at home, wet your hair and apply it on your head and keep it at least for half an hour before washing.

-It is important to shampoo your head with a mild shampoo atleast thrice in a week and wash off with mild water. While shampooing massage the scalp rather than your hair. For hair one can use conditioner after wash. Do not wash hair with hot water.

-Tie your hair loose to prevent hair breakage.




3. Hands & Feet care– Long nails, short nails, square shaped or round shaped,well-manicured nails attract attention. 

We work in the kitchen, do utensils, laundry, dusting and come across so much of dirt, grim and chemicals. Our hands our strong to do a lot of hard work but at the same time they are very delicate.

A regular manicure is an option. But if you want to try something at home, apply a good moisturizer daily before sleeping. You can even apply petroleum jelly for hard cuticles. Remove nail paint if you do household chores. Chapped nail paint looks very shabby. Instead apply a transparent coat. It gives a shine to your nail.

Same thing goes for your feet. Apply a good moisturizer or petroleum jelly, massage evenly and then wear socks. It will make your feet soft and give you relief from cracked feet.

Do apply sunscreen before going out on hands and feet. Since they are exposed and tend to get tanned.

If we do not take care of our appearance then who will! So let us spend 10mins every day for basic care and few hours once in a month to make ourselves feel special and look vibrant.

If you have any unique or secret beauties tips and would like to share it, mention it in comments.





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