When a child is born, she naturally loves her parents first as they are the one that are close to her initially. Later she develops attachment towards grandparents, siblings, friends and family.

As one grows, they develop relations and learn to maintain them. They love & respect their family, friends, teachers, peers and fall for one person with whom they would spend their entire life. In this way the cycle of spreading love continues.

Only the love that is pure & unconditional stays with us forever.

If there is so much love from beginning in our heart then why does the feeling of hatred and grudges develop. Nobody is born with bitter emotions. It only happens when we are hurt by people who treat us unfairly or someone with whom we compare ourselves. We aspire to be like them even though we lack the capability. Slowly this feeling stays in our heart forever, weakens us from our integrity and humanity.

Love can do miracles. Even when we hate someone this feeling can be reversed. It has supernatural powers. There is no comparison between love and hatred. Though love is an independent feeling but loving someone has to be mutual. A person can love someone without letting the other one know and can even stay with this feeling for life. If not spoken up then love gets buried deep into the heart.

Express love and let the other share their feelings too.

If your heart is filled with love, you cannot be selfish. Others well-being and happiness will become your priority.

There is no give and take with the people whom you love. For them you might even sacrifice precious possessions.

Also, you can’t love everyone equally. There is one person who will deserve more love from you.

Love is comprehensive like the universe. It is peaceful and divine. It is the most influential feeling that can help get rid of all problems.

Love has no definition and understands no religion. It doesn’t differentiate an individual from others.

It simply knows how to conquer one’s heart, life & soul!

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