We as kids were all keen on learning novel things and trying out different activities. Everything was new for us. Our hearts were filled with inquisitiveness ad zeal to try out something innovative. We were fervent kids but less intensive, since our minds needed only fraction of second to get distracted.

Once kids become teenagers, there is less focus and the curiosity to learn also diminishes. As compared to small children who do not have control over their mind and emotions, teenagers have a strong ability to rheostat their cognizance and concentration, if they want to!  But at that age, the mind gets exposed to a lot of social and environmental distractions that it becomes difficult to hold our feelings and thought processes.

Today’s enthusiastic teenagers are always finding different ways to learn important concepts and lessons for a successful life. Let’s look at few tips which will help them to not only be good academic apprentices but also positive individuals:

  1. Success mantra – There is no unique successful mantra.  

Our new generation wants to earn success in a short span of time. It is not bad to achieve triumph swiftly. But success earned in the right way not only last for a lifetime but also comes with lots of appreciation, respect, trust and dignity.

There are 2 important beliefs one must have:-

Believe in yourself: One must believe in his/her capabilities. We always say things move as per destiny and gods wish. But the almighty also helps those who help themselves. Put your best and things will work in a positive way.

Never undermine anyone– Though one becomes successful and powerful, one should not suppress the weak. Remember you were also feeble someday or can become in future. Fate has its own plans. Always remain down to earth. Help the needy and support the society. Keep people around you and with you happy.

  1.  It is good to make friends, but? – Friends are one of the best gifts from god. Friendship is for life. They are always there when we need to share our secrets, have a shoulder to cry on, share our happiness or even gossip.

It’s imperative to choose the right type of friends. We were always told to be in the company of class toppers so that we get the right influence. But that doesn’t means you will become a topper. Choosing the right friend means having friends of similar age group, to avoid clashes in the way of thinking. Friends with bad habits like smoking, drinking or any other form of bad addiction might not make you addicted but can influence your behavior too.

When you are in your 30s friends won’t affect  your behavior much because you are matured enough to decide what is right or wrong for you. But same thing does not apply with teenagers. They  easily get influenced as their mind is very fragile.

Here comes the role of parent to monitor and be aware of whom your children are friends with. If you feel something is not just right about a person, talk to your kids.

  1. Trust your parents – They have given us birth, seen us cry, laugh, succeed, fail and have always supported and been there for us. They are the only ones whom we can trust. They will never appreciate for the wrongs you do, correct you, criticize you, praise you, provide shoulders to cry on, will tap you for your success, and give you all their blessings. They will never share your secrets with anyone; they will also hide your flaws and help you in amending them. They will be the ones who will not be envious of your success. So trust them. If they stop you, they have a reason. Accept their suggestions. And if you don’t want to fall in trouble, share with them everything you do.
  1. Accept failure – The way one embraces success, one must also learn to accept failure. Rise & fall is part of our life. One has to be strong willed in either of the cases. Getting sulked in failure will only lead to misery. And flying high in success without being humble can lead to self-destruction. A balance has to be maintained.

Remember after every downfall, there is victory. It is important to choose the ethical way and be determined.

Youngsters get very disheartened when they lose a competition, receive less marks or even when they do not get the right job. No matter there is a tough competition in this era of economic & social development. But one has to stay grounded, calm and patiently move on in life. Everybody gets their share of opportunities, some early some late.

Here the role of parent is the most important. When a child succeeds at any point of time, he/she will declare it to the whole world. Even we as parents, share it with our family, friends & society. But when a child fails, he has that guilt, anger & frustration. He/she will not even utter a word about it to anyone. The only ones whom they will confide in are their parents. So we as parents have to build that trust and confidence in them, that they can share everything with us and we will support them. Let them believe that with our support they can conquer the toughest and achieve the best.

  1. Virtual world -Earlier the virtual world was just a small part of our lives and restricted to only work. But now it has become our life. Whether it is an adult, teenager or child everyone is on the internet.  The technology revolution has made our lives easier and better. But we have lost touch with our real world. Status updates, stylish clicks, happening statements and easy chats have drawn us apart, from our original personality.

Children and youngsters have to understand that what they see on the social media pages about their friends & family or even celebrities might not be real. Some who cannot afford a lavish lifestyle start comparing themselves with their friends who keep on updating images of them enjoying and having fun at an early age. The feeling of insecurity creeps in.  One also starts desiring to do the same. Rather than living 2 different lives, one has to understand that right now it is more important to focus on your studies and career rather than getting trapped into this simulated world.

Life is neither too short that one has no second chance to prove and neither too long that we have a laid back attitude.  Focus and determination can lead one to their dream path. Patience and endeavor will support your goal.

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