How many times it happened that you were expecting a yes and received a no? How many times it happened that you are not well and expect people to call you up and inquire about your health. You expect them to be supportive and show that love & concern. Or you are expecting an appreciation for all the efforts which you have put in your work?  We just keep waiting and waiting.  Throughout our lives we expect so much from our friends, family, partners, school, college, company & society that we forget what prospects we have from ourselves. And when we do not get the anticipated we tend to get sad, depressed and demotivated. We decide that henceforth there are going to be no expectations from anyone but again the cycle of hope is vicious and never-ending.

Why do we expect?

  1.  Because the one whom we love is expected to give that love and respect in return
  2. Because the amount of effort we put in to do our job deserves appreciation
  3. Because the pain and agony we go through at some point of life deserves happiness and contentment in return.
  4. Because we feel we are being good to everyone so nature has to be good to us.
  5. Because the law of karma says so.
  6. Because we are the best and deserve the best.
  7. Because we are humble & kind and expect people to be the same.
  8. Because you want everyone around you to be just perfect.
  9. Because you want your loved ones to know, your unspoken words.
  10. Because we desire.
  11. Because you expect positive results.

People say relationships fail due to lot of expectations one has from his/her partner. Family feuds are caused as one is not able to withstand the pressure of expectations. Friends feel suffocated if another friend is expecting you to be present on every moment in their lives. You are not satisfied with your work since your management has some expectations and you have a different perspective.

If you want life to give you what you deserve in every walk of life stop expecting. Have control over your desires.  Come out of your fairy-tale zone. Expect only from yourself. If you are ill, go to a doctor and take medication, if you cannot go call the doc home but don’t expect or keep waiting for someone to take you. If you want a particular dress, don’t expect anyone to gift you. Save money and buy. If you are sad and want a shoulder to cry on, just pray in front of god and bow your head. Do not get disappointed by disagreements. Each individual and situation is different. What you might consider right, others presume it as wrong.

When one stops excepting:

  1. Life becomes easy and less complicated
  2. Your attitude & behavior towards everything and everyone changes.
  3. You feel calmer and less frustrated.
  4. Situations and people don’t trigger you anymore.
  5. You start doing well in life and get astonished by unexpected results,
  6. You understand yourself and others better.
  7. There comes more focus and concentration.
  8. There is flow of positivity all around you.
  9. You stop reacting and become more proactive.
  10. You feel more connected to yourself.

Relationships become more complex when there are lot of unrealistic expectations and causes behavioral issues like distress, resentment and frustration.

Start taking life easily and let go all the expectations we have. Life will give you pleasant surprises.

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