I remember my mother telling me be assured in what you do. During exams also I was told to never change my answers just because of a small doubt that it might be wrong. She repeatedly told me the first thing you write is always correct as it comes directly from your learning. The second thought comes from the mind that leads us to confusion.
It’s the confidence within us that guides our actions. During interviews, exams, performances, conversing with someone, written communication, taking decisions, whatever we do; though we have the knowledge, money, position or fame, if we aren’t assertive none of our actions will work. If we ourselves doubt on our capabilities no one else will trust us. If we distrust on others skills then they won’t support us.

So how can one get confidence?

-See a true image about yourself. I remember seeing a pic where a cat is posing in front of a mirror but the mirror image shows a lion. That’s just fooling yourself.

-When you know the real you self-confidence comes naturally. One needs to be unbiased while analyzing self – strength & weakness.

-Before any presentation, interview or meetings where you need to speak on a topic; practice while looking at the mirror or record it in camera. Evaluate the flaws, fumbles & goof ups. Work on it and rehearse repeatedly.

-When in between crowd, never feel that you don’t belong here. Mingle with people and try winning over individuals with your positive attitude.

-Today if you are the looser tomorrow you will be the winner.

– Take responsibility of your actions. Have self-belief and move on
-Make realistic goals which are achievable in short term. Every time you accomplish these goals remind yourself of the long-term goals.

-Accepting criticism needs a very strong & positive attitude towards life. None of us like being condemned. The day we take reproach positively, there will be a natural improvement in our thought process which will reflect in our actions. We will get more determined and work on improving ourselves.

– Pursue an activity you are good at. Choose projects that help utilize your skill.

– Meditation & exercise gives physical & mental benefits. It keeps one’s mind, body and spirit to perform ones duty in the precise manner.

– Try communicating with as many people you can. Don’t stay aloof. Socializing is one of the best ways to improve once self-confidence. The more you talk; there is an increase level of buoyancy.

– Never hesitate to take advice. Observe the most confident person in your social or professional circle. Take positive vibes from them.

– Take risks and learn from mistakes.

– Eliminate feeling of insecurity.

Not every individual is born with inbuilt sense of confidence. With little patience & determination one can lead to happy personal & professional life.

Remembering this slogan of my college, ‘’I will, & I can’’. Believe in yourself first!

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