Have you ever wondered how does a grimed face look? With wrinkle lines all over the face. It looks as if we have pre-aged. We know the consequences of having a frowned look but still due to difficult situations one tends to be prey to sadness.

Humor is the source to laughter. And laughter is the best medicine.

There are some people who find humor in everything because they want to find a reason to laugh and make others laugh. Such people are most loved and appreciated in friends, family and other groups.

Having a good sense of humor is natural in some people. Not everyone can crack jokes and make others happy. But sometimes we are so captivated in our problems that we don’t even smile on the funniest of jokes. Why are we taking life so seriously? Everyone has some or the other concerns in their life. Even jovial of people have hardships but they try to shield it up with laughter. Because they know being sad and grumpy will not reduce the stress in their life but will only make it proliferate, which can have serious consequences.

So how can one stay happy and gain a good sense of humor. Well you can explore few ways to bring a smile supported by laughter in any given situation to make yourself and others feel joyful.

Be positive. Look at the brighter side of life. Do not take life seriously. It’s easy to say but difficult to bring into practice. But still one can keep calm and detach you from situations which make you sad and unhappy.
No shedding tears. Once you look at yourself after shedding tears and crying with all your heart, you will realize how disastrous you look. It takes away the charm and glow on your face. I am not saying that do not shed tears on loss of someone. But some people have a habit of shedding tears on any given situation, when there is a possibility to be strong and move on.
Enjoy every moment with grace and have lots of fun. Life is too short to feel disastrous. Nobody in life is completely happy. Everyone has their share of difficult times. Do not compare yourself with others. Get motivated and inspired.
Be a likable and lovable person. People who greet and approach others with a warm smile are always welcomed, admired and preferred as a good company.
Company matters. In continuation to above point, if you stay with group of people who are funny and just want to laugh all time, you will also feel the same and will learn to develop your own sense of humor.
Watch comedy shows & movies and read comic books & jokes. This makes one feel lighter and you can also share the same with others to have a hearty laugh.
There is no satisfaction that living a contented life and making others also happy. Whether it’s a child or an adult, making others smile is like pleasing god. And making others laugh is a blissful experience.

Humor helps you to come over pain, anxiety, stress, depression and various other ailments.

“Everyone has a good sense of humor within themselves, it is up to individual to realize it and bring to use in a sensible way.”

(However, one should take care of not hurting anyone’s sentiments by boisterous humor)

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