God has created each human being for a purpose. All of us have a unique destiny. Some are contended and some are not. Each individual has their own share of glitches. But some know the art of sealing their sorrows with a plastic smile. And when we come across such people and always find them giggling and smiling almost over everything, we feel how lucky they are. They have the best life. I guess, at one point in our entire life we too would fall into this category.

Many times we question, Why me? Why God gave me so much of pain and unhappiness? I have not done anything wrong. Not spoken badly about anyone. Never betrayed anyone. Then why am I suffering?
If we all had an answer to this then there would have not been any bouts of jealousy and lack of contentment in us.

It’s good to aspire to reach our goals and gain success but not at the cost of others happiness. People sometimes sacrifice their true treasures; their family and friends and just try to move forward without considering them to be part of their destination.
And when destiny strikes back we blame god. We don’t realize its karma which makes us face hardships. Not necessarily because of some bad deeds we have done in this birth but might be because of our immoral actions in previous life.
If one believes in karma, then all this will make sense.

Believe in the law of attraction. Life is a magnet. Good attracts best. Bad attracts worst.
In bouts of anger, we say many things to the person we have rage with. But then regretting it later will not heal wounds. Saying sorry will at least mend relations. Do good karma and move on.

Life takes everyone’s test. The one who is strong will-powered will move on as if nothing happened. Rather than cribbing he will learn fruitful lessons which will benefit him in facing the toughest situations in life.
If we see around, there are many unfortunate people who don’t even have the basic needs fulfilled. Consider yourself to be lucky for who you are today and aspire to be better tomorrow with perseverance and hard-work.
Life is like an ocean, no one can understand the depth of it. The one who can swim against strong waves will reach the shore but the one who just cries for help and keeps blaming destiny to bring whim in such situation, will only drown thinking.

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