How many times have you overheard from your parents, ‘’Humara time acha tha”(our time was better)?
Surely must be innumerable times! As each generation progresses and gets into adulthood, they will repeat the same to the coming ones. Today’s young minds are flooded with so much of anxiety & enthusiasm simultaneously that they forget to live their life and care for themselves in the way ideally they should.

One such book talks about simple yet effective ideas and assertions to brighten up young soul, enlighten their mind and focus on fitness too. Author Neeraa Maini Srivastav with her book 150 Brilliant Ideas to keep Young minds Fit & Fine has forayed into a cliché topic of wellness with which we adults are already obsessed with.

About the Author: Neera Maini Srivastav is an Indian writer and an advertising professional.
She already has 3 successful books in her kitty.

About the book: All concerns related to wellness of mind, body & spirit are aptly titled and categorized.

What I like about her writing is that she has covered every aspect of wellness divided into 3 sections of Mind, Body & Spirit. It is very precisely written without giving much GYAN (lecture) to our impatient young souls.

The book is fun to read with positive affirmations after each section. One can daily read the affirmations and try to bring about positive changes in their life.

If you are a parent to a teenager and find it difficult to communicate criticalities of well-being with your child, propose them to read this book.

I would conclude that this book is a must read not only to the restless generation who are striving hard to survive in this competitive environment but also a great stimulator to everyone who reads it, be it young, mid-aged or old.

Where you can buy: Amazon, Flipkart

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