Whether it’s the first or second time you have got the news of your pregnancy, each pregnancy is special & dear. The way first pregnancy symptoms are a surprise for first time moms, it’s not amusing either when you are second time lucky. With already one kid to look after, the entire day goes in taking care of the elder one only. When one is first time pregnant, you just have yourself to take care of. It is much easy to take care of your health, food plans, grooming & appearance. But in the second turn, one becomes lazier and a let go attitude creeps in, since your mind is occupied with innumerable responsibilities, tantrums & demands from the existing one.

It doesn’t matter if the gap between both pregnancies is less or more, your child needs an equal amount of time & attention. So with a tight schedule of your first child and house chores, how can one manage to retain their beauty and looks? We all want to look pretty and presentable even in gestation. Let’s explore some basic easy to use beauty & health hacks which will hardly take any time of yours:-

1. Oiling– It’s important to oil your hair regularly to maintain the lustre. Usually in pregnancy hair tends to become more soft & silky but after delivery many women experience a lot of hair fall. Oiling regularly will help maintain the natural oil balance in hair. A good massage will help better blood circulation. This will also give you relief from frequent headaches which are caused in pregnancy.
Not only oiling hair but massaging your skin with oil gives tremendous results
It is always advised to massage your breast with oil in slow motion to help you in feeding later and also massage your tummy very gently to help you get relieved of itching. This also helps reduce appearing stretch marks. Along with this one can apply oil overall to maintain the natural oil balance and moisture of skin. Avoid using cosmetic products as some might penetrate into skin which can be harmful especially in pregnancy.

2. Aloe Vera gel– Go natural by applying this natures beauty gift on your skin. Massage gently on your face and leave it over night. One can see the difference next day. It makes skin soft and glowing. One can even apply it on hair scalp to avoid dandruff related issues. You can infact tell your little one to help you apply this wonderful gel on your scalp. It will be fun too.

3. Eat healthy food– With nausea and preference to peculiar taste, eating healthy in pregnancy though necessary becomes a mundane task. As some have a different taste in pregnancy and cannot cook food of their choice due to queasiness caused with food smell. And with little one at home one has to cook as per their choice. Try eating food in less quantity at frequent levels. Eat lots of fruits and drink coconut water. This will cleanse your body and your skin will look fresh & clear. Eat protein & calcium rich food. Pack fruit tiffin and a snack box while travelling or when you go to pick up your kiddo from school or go to the garden. Eat together so that you don’t miss out your meal time.

4. Drink plenty of water-It is important to retain the fluid levels in your body when pregnant. One should drink lots of water at frequent intervals. Water helps to purify the body of toxins and helps maintain a clear skin. Keep a bottle of water with you where ever you are sitting. One need not get up again and again to fetch water. Whenever you tell your kids to drink water, do help yourself with one glass too. This will even prevent chapped lips.

5. Homemade packs – Rather than going to salons and getting chemical based treatments done, either you ask them to use herbal products or treat yourself at home with some home-made packs. I can vouch for these two easy to make packs – Multani mitti paste + rose water
& Besan (Gram flour) + milk/curd + turmeric + honey. Your skin will feel refreshed and it mostly suits all skin types.

6. Follow the cleansing, toning & moisturizing routine once every day specially before sleeping.
7. Do not forget sunscreen before stepping out.
8. Sleep well atleast for 8 hrs in the night and 1 hr in the afternoon. If you are working try taking a power nap for 10 mins.
9. Meditate to relax your mind, body & soul. It has a great effect on you & your coming baby. Practice yoga & exercise routinely as instructed by your gynac.
It is difficult for mums-to- be to take care of yourself when you already have a child who keeps you on toes but still it is important to look after your skin and health. It will become an easier task to come back to the original you after delivery, if you pamper yourself for some time in the day!

If you have suggestions and a routine which you followed in pregnancy (first or second) do share with us in comments below.

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