Sheila and Santosh were married for 3 years. But they knew each other since college days. Sheila was very upfront, whereas Santosh was more on the calmer side. Sheila was very rational and never believed in the institution of marriage. She believed that ‘Wife’ is just a designation given by the society and similar point of view she shared for her better half too. For her being a loyal life partner is what matters the most and she was a dedicated soul mate to her husband.

But her mother never agreed on her opinion and thought she is too practical in her life. The carefree attitude she had would take her no where!

She thought that the rapport she shares with her husband is very casual.They had the respect for each other which was not seen by the outside world.

Yes, Sheila and her husband Santosh never looked like a married couple! Every time they entered the social circle they could hear whispers like ‘couple in love’ ‘love birds’ and so on. They would party together, shop together, hit the gym and define major couple goals, yet give each other space to bounce back with their friends.

Time had come when family & friends started asking them about the ‘good news’

But they seemed least interested and always joked that they are better off without kids. Its been such a less time when they got married and both don’t want to think of kids so soon. For them career is what matters the most at the moment.

They aimed to travel the world. Their adventurous mind never stayed at one place.

They worked efficiently and partied hard.

But every night Sheila had tears in her eyes. Before sleeping she confessed her unhappiness to her mind & soul that acted happy. She never showed her sadness to Santosh.

On the other side Santosh too would just stare at a corner of room and feel gloomy. There was something that was not right. The couple that was perfect on social media was not even interacting with each other on bed.

One morning when Santosh was digging the cupboard for some important paper, a file fell on his feet and it was Sheila’s gynecologist file. For a long time he thought it was Sheila who never wanted to become a mother and always kept him away when it was her turn to conceive. He was wrong. What he read further, it was going to break his heart. He never imagined that this could happen to them.

Sheila had a major problem in conceiving. As per the reports she might never conceive as her uterus was too week to hold the baby. Life had bought her to where she was before marrying Santosh. It had spinned her back in the past when she had a tough decision to choose her parents and life partner. That time Santosh supported her and convinced her parents that he was the only one who could keep their daughter happy. But will he do the same this time? Was she loosing confidence in her love or herself?

When Sheila saw Santosh reading her file she panicked and confronted everything.

She was scared Santosh will ask her to go for surrogacy or might even leave her for another women. Her insecurity was building up to an extent that she had to hide the truth.

Santosh just hugged her and assured that it is not end of the world.They can take a second opinion. And if nothing works out they will bring home a baby that is rejected by her parents and give her a new home.All that matters is they both love each other and are together.

The life wheel spinned! Every night there were giggles in the house. Their photo album was complete. Now a beautiful future was ready for all three of them: Sheila, Santosh & their little angel.

PN: This story is completely based on authors imagination and doesn’t resemble to anybody living or dead.