Jewelry is the most stylized and gracious statement women can make in her appearance. It adds a punch to her persona. It changes the way you look.  For every fashion conscious female, a perfect jewelry is an important asset which should go well with an outfit.  Be it real or imitations, it has to be worn with charm and confidence.

We keep on regularly purchasing jewelry, specially the artificial ones because of their look, their availability in different color & styles and their reasonable costing. But how about maintaining it & refining it? So here are few simple yet genius hacks for all the beautiful ladies out there who simply love to flaunt all their jewelry whether old or new at different times.  Read to know!

We will divide these tips into Styling and Maintenance.


1)Double it up: This is my favorite. I love wearing different combination earrings & finger rings.

If you have 2 similar looking pair of loop (round) earrings, add one in to other and make a double long earring out of the two. This look goes well with a western outfit.

Since wearing rings on all your fingers will look overwhelming, try wearing multiple rings (2-3 max) together in one finger, which synchronize well. It looks pretty when worn in the ring finger.  This is the most classic look one can flaunt.

-If you are an attention seeker types, this tip is for you.  Nothing grabs eyes than your wrists. I always admire the hand jewelry. Be it watch, bracelets, bangles, hand chains (known as panja), they all look adorable.

– And when you add a twist to it, it becomes more enchanting. Combine trinkets, charms and thin bracelets to make a chunk of jewelry and wear in one hand. If you have a slim wrists wear thin ones and if you have a broad wrists wear wide & bold bracelets. For broad wrists a big Kada looks classy.  

On the other hand if you have thin wrists just wear a medium big size watch. For the ones with broad wrists, combine a slim charm or trinket bracelet with a big dial watch.


2)If you have chains be it golden, silver or oxidized finish, and have colorful pendants, match it with different chains. Even finger rings or round earrings can be slipped into chains to make a new neckpiece. This goes well with Indian & western wear.


3)In love with head gears but finding it expensive? Go for traditional neckpieces with kundan, pearl or stone work, which you already have. Tie the thread of the necklace on your bun or pin it up neatly.

4) Wearing a Maang tikka in weddings might sound cliché but it looks simply chic. You don’t need to buy a new one, just remove a pendant from your neckpiece and pin it up.

5) Interchange bracelets with anklets and vice versa to give a complete new look. For increasing the sizes of the bracelet or anklet just visit any jewelry shop and it can be extended. Or neatly tie it with a fancy thread.

6) For an impactful appearance, just highlight any one accessory rather than covering up yourself with tons of jewelry. If you are wearing big broad or long earrings, don’t wear a heavy neckpiece. Wear meek chain or keep it empty.  Combine it with a simple hand accessory.

7) For high color necklines a long necklace can be apt and for a boat neck or till cleavage necklines a short neckpiece looks sober.

8) If you are fond of kurtis with collar or band gala, a jhumka will be ideal.


9) If you are making an off shoulder evening gown, crop skirt top or a  lehenga , tell your designer to make a choker neckpiece from the border of the material, and start getting noticed!

10) Tall and broad shoulder women can team up 2 neckpieces together and add a dash to your ensemble. If you wear a small neckpiece it might hardly be visible. Double layered Necklace is highly recommended.



  • What if you remove an old jewelry and it looks like junk. You are in hurry and don’t have the time to buy a new one. There is a solution to every problem. Soak the jewelry in soapy water for few minutes and rub it with toothpaste. This is applicable to silver or gold finish jewelry. For the oxidized or other gold plated jewelry just clean with damp cloth. Apply a coat of transparent nail paint especially to the ones which have stones. It will bring back the sparkle.
  • To avoid getting the jewelry turning black, keep in cotton and air tight box. Not all pieces turn dark so others can be kept in a pouch.
  • We are usually given jewelry storage box in our wedding trousseau. I have changed many jewelry boxes in my 8 yrs of wedding. Until recently I got comfortable with a zipped pouch which has different sections for jewelry. It is easy to remember and remove the jewelry, without them getting entangled.
  • Bangles, bracelets, anklets, watches & earrings preferably should be kept between cotton in airtight boxes.
  • After using jewelry just wipe it with a cloth before storing, since it tends to fade with sweat.
  • Avoid using perfumes over it. Spray before wearing jewelry.
  • Incase any of the neckpieces get mixed up, sprinkle it with baby oil or apply baby powder. Remove the knots with a pin. You can also slip a straw into the chain and lock it. This saves tangling. Wrapping them in plastic wrap (the one used for food wrapping), is another best option. Keeps your piece safe.
  • I can never wear a bracelet on my own. So many times I remove to wear it and if there is no help have to keep it back in the drawer. Many were just lying idle. Till I found an amazing solution to it. Sometimes a small stationary like U pin/ paperclip/safety pin can be so useful. Put the bracelet around your hand by inserting the clip in the chain; hold the other side of the clip with the same hand, and with the other hand close the lock. It is done in seconds without getting slipped from your hands.

In our busy schedules were we are having oodles to do, these simple jewelry hacks are realistic, time & money savers, gives you a powerful collection and a TRENDY YOU!






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