When we feel everything is over and there is no scope for our life to progress, we stop hunting opportunities which are in real present around us. The way every dark night has a ray of sun shining with full energy and brightness similarly every tough situation has a positive gleam of hope. We have heard from childhood that God gives an equal chance to everyone. He gives that one moment of decision-making that could change our life for ever. But it is not that opportunity strikes only once.

It is always around us. But we fail to identify it. This is because we are so much into cribbing and cursing our present situation that we close our eyes and ears. We stop looking at the approaching options for healing our sorrows and pains. Sometimes we feel like getting deeper into our glitches and form a cocoon of impossibilities.

And when ultimately we realize that the moment of change is gone we regret it and the cycle of feeling bad about our destiny continues.

Successful people have not reached their desired position by coincidence. They have grabbed the opportunities, analysed them and put it in use. Yes, they have taken advantage of every positive situation that had come along their path of struggle to climb the ladder. They turned deaf ear to discouragement and criticism. They never looked back and worried about the past. Rather focused on the future. For them the failure experienced is a learning rather than mourning.

They don’t waste time in asking questions, Why it happened only to me? Why do I have to face this? Why can’t I be lucky like others? They know everyone has gone through their share of hardships and the ones who are lucky have strived hard to make luck work for them. They have not stayed back and relaxed, waiting for opportunities to arrive at their door step. They have explored and worked on the potentials which will lead them to the path of triumph. Instead of asking ‘WHY’, they believe in finding answers for ‘HOW’ and ‘WHEN’.

One sees things differently as each individual has a different perspective of life. Some take it easy and some are always on the run to take the right action at the right time.

We all have goals. We also know the results. But not everyone finds correct ways to achieve these goals.  When you have one path for your destination you just drive on that same path. Driving continuously on the same road makes you concentrate only in one direction. You might miss the left and rights. If you keep your mind open and let your life succumb to change you will find many routes to one destination.

Remember ‘Opportunity brings change. And thus this Change brings in more opportunities.


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