Leaders are born and not made! If this thought holds true then we would have had very few successful people who became leaders not because they were born so but because there dedication, strong determination and the eagle eye to grab opportunity in toughest of situation made them a role model for others

Who is a leader?

– The one who can strategically adapt in a competitive situation.

– Someone who has the ability to get work done from others.

– The one who sees the big picture and compares his success with organization’s success.

– Somebody who leads others and even people follow him, trust him.

– He/she can successfully achieve goals. Takes risks and seems to be always positive about it.

– Can deliver motivational speech to his colleagues.

– Maintain strong business relation with stakeholders.
But how does a leader be so consistent in their performance. Is it that they are born smart, have great qualification, vast experience or is it just luck which backs them? The secret is BEING HAPPY. Happy leaders are efficacious leaders.

With so much of constant pressure to deliver results, how does one stay calm and yet enthusiastic to reach the goal.
Well, let us review few traits of successful and happy leaders:

Living Healthy: most successful leaders are much disciplined in their health regime. Getting up early, going for morning walks, having healthy food pattern, performing meditation & exercises are some of the healthy lifestyle patterns they follow. A healthy lifestyle not only makes one physically & mentally fit but also helps to stay away from lethargic attitude.

Work-home balance: These people really know how to maintain a steady balance between their work & life. Inspite of having a busy schedule, they remove a decent amount of time for their family. They go on vacations, picnics, family events and simultaneously even do not fall short of achieving their targets.

Socially active: They also know how to enjoy life. Yes, it’s not only work but entertainment also important for them. They do meet their friends often, are active on various communities and participate in social causes too. They are frequent visitors to events, charities, social gatherings, conferences & seminars. In this way they keep their minds refreshed. It is important for one to have a social life in order to just keep themselves away from work tensions & revive their minds.

Avid readers: Successful leaders are avid readers. For some books has always been an inspiration. They derive learning & experiences through the characters. We all know how reading impacts one’s mind. It opens up different avenues of logical & intellectual thinking.

Learning & development: They focus more on learning new concepts & developing required new skills. They don’t hesitate to get a degree at such a successful stage of their life. They become a role model for juniors. It is rightly said that’ there is no age bar to learn’. And true leaders prove this right. They not only enhance their knowledge & skill but also encourage people from their team to develop skill sets.

They are also regular in doing activities like playing chess, solving puzzles, Sudoku, etc., that provide mental stimulation.

Leadership is not only leading but getting along with people. Happy leaders create a happy environment.

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